Sunday, October 4, 2009

Michelle's Message...

Has October really arrived? This month brings a calendar full of events! The MEAP is upon us! Our Town Halls are planned for next week by content areas to provide collaboration opportunities for the departments. More information will follow with dates and times for meetings. The topics of the Town Halls will be MEAP Test Taking Success and PBS highlights. We will make the PowerPoint of our Town Halls available to you to view on the blog as a link.

There are four MEAP testing days, schedules have been distributed for feedback, and there is a link on the blog for you to review prior to administration including directions for proctoring the MEAP. We did better than we ever have on our MEAP tests last year because we positively promoted our kids doing their best.

During the week of October 12, we will have any students who have currently earned an E in any core area complete a TACL form. There is a Team Meeting scheduled for October 14th that can be used to complete this process.

I want to take a moment to congratulate our new department chairs for this year. Estefania Furr will continue as our Special Education Department Chair, Erin Baker is our Mathematics Department Chair, and Amy Watkins is our ELA Department Chair, welcome to the Leadership Team, ladies!

Charlene Korpics did an awesome job coordinating the count day raffles on Wednesday! We appreciate her efforts organizing all of the events. She is now involved in attacking the MEAP inventory, you go girl!

Mike Koebbe has jumped right into our Middle School family! Thank you for taking on our intramural golf program! Our kids will benefit greatly from this experience, way to go, Mike!


  1. Are we going to use the same TACL forms? I would like to use the same content teacher form to keep track of what I'm doing. I never really liked the Advisory form, so I won't miss it. The student form was a great idea, but I'm not sure how effective it was in motivating our students to work to improve their understanding and grades.

  2. I had a feeling I would see you show up here tonight, Suzie Q. Thank you for the input, I think the reason behind the form was to provide an additional piece of parent communcation. With the forms being used much less than last year, maybe the impact on student improvement and goal setting purposes will be greater? A great discussion point...

  3. You said in the announcements that Wednesday's meeting will be for team's to break out to complete the TACL forms. Does that mean that Advisory teachers need to have students complete the TACL forms prior Monday or Tuesday? We don't really have any Advisory time on Tuesday because of the MEAP, and it seems silly to look at Profile if teachers aren't obligated to be updated until Tuesday at 8:00. The only other thing that I can think of is for core content teachers to print class summary reports and determine prior to Wednesday's meeting the interventions they plan to use for their failing students. Then we can have students complete the TACL form on Wednesday during our normal advisory period. The problem with this, of course, is that some teachers won't be prepared for a rapid-fire TACL meeting. ???