Friday, September 18, 2009

Michelle's Message...

Well, we made it through the first full week! I am writing this the night of Open House, a very long day, but I feel very proud as I reflect on our school, our teachers, our students, and our day overall. Mr. Moore and I received many compliments about what a caring and engaging staff we have at South! (But we already knew that.) Parents left reassured that their children were in a safe and caring place during the school day and that we want their children to be successful.

We must have a place where children can have a whole group of adults they can trust.

                Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

I am concerned about our low turnout for 6th grade camp orientation, but the lack of attendance can be attributed to a host of reasons. Attendance picked up around 7:00, but I think one of our goals is to look for new ways to reinvent our Open House that shows more parents the importance of attending…Char has an idea that she wants to share with her Parent and Community Involvement Team! (We are always open to new ideas and suggestions for improvement.)

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than bread.

                                      Mother Theresa

Our building really looked inviting; I appreciate all of you who “adopted” a bulletin board! Chris and Cindy’s gold medal readers really showed how our kids shine! Kristine’s bulletin boards greeted our students and parents that passed by the sixth grade hall! Jeff’s PBS posters display the importance of consistency throughout the building. Our students’ purple flowers that Marylynn exhibited highlights our artists throughout the building. A welcoming and inviting building is critical when we are creating a positive culture and climate for our students!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Michelle's Message...

     The first week of school always brings excitement; stress, curiosity, fear, anticipation, anxiety, and rejuvenation. Each new school year always brings more to all of our plates, or “just one more thing.” Because we chose a life in public education, there will always be “just one more thing.” We can support those “things,” as long as those “things” enable us to give our students the tools to achieve in a world that has many obstacles for them to overcome.

     Professional development can be overwhelming, but know that we are doing the right work. The vision may not always be crystal clear, but in the end, the vision is always to ignite the fire to learn in our students and watch them succeed beyond our wildest dreams! Together anything is possible!

Dreams are where we’re going; work is how we get there.
     It is not our instructional strategies or the depth of our content knowledge that ensures student success. The majority of the time it is our relationships we have with our students and with one another that tend to make a greater impact in whether or not our students succeed and if we grow as professionals. I want to thank all of you who took the extra effort this week in making the connections with your students. Sue who called all of her Enrichment students before school started to welcome them to 7th grade, Sharon and Craig who helped the same sixth grader open their locker seven times in one day, and Charlene and Kevin who made sure that students who didn’t have lunch money got a cheese sandwich. It is truly evident we love our kids!

Let us put our minds together and see what life we can make for our children.
                                                                                                          Sitting Bull
     I am looking forward to a great year! Remember how much our students look to us for support and encouragement, even when we feel spread too thin, we set the tone in our classroom and in the building. Is your glass half full or half empty?

Monday, September 7, 2009

Feedback on Wednesday Staff Collaboration Time

What time do you prefer for staff meetings 7:21am or 3:45pm?

Keep in mind this must be a time you are able to attend. Please post your name with your response below.

If you prefer to keep our meetings at 7:21am you do not have to respond at all and your preference will be considered 7:21 am.

Please respond by Friday, September 11, 2009. Thank you for your input.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

South Middle School: Student-Teacher-Parent Compact

Student-Teacher- Parent Compact 2009-2010

Student Agreement

As a student, I, ____________________________________, realize it is important for me to reach my academic potential. Therefore, I will do the following:

  •  come to school each day and be on time for class
  • come to class prepared with my homework and supplies
  • fill out my planner daily
  • respect myself, as well as others’ right to learn
  • follow the school rules
  • try my best

 Parent Agreement

As a parent or guardian, I, __________________________________, will encourage my child to reach their academic potential by doing the following:

  •  ensure that my child attends school regularly and is on time
  • maintain high expectations for my child
  • stay aware of what my child is learning
  • establish a time and place for homework
  • show respect for my child, the staff, and the school
  • encourage my child to read daily

 Teacher Agreement

As a teacher, I, ________________________________________, believe that students must be given opportunities to succeed. Therefore, I will do the following:

  • provide a welcoming positive environment that promotes learning
  • respect and value the uniqueness of each child and their family
  • maintain open lines of communication with students and parents
  • come to class each day prepared
  • demonstrate professional behavior and a positive attitude
  • promote life skills in the classroom and throughout the school
  • enforce rules and policies of the school consistently and fairly

  Student signature: ___________________________________________

  Parent signature: ____________________________________________

Advisory teacher signature: ____________________________________