Friday, September 18, 2009

Michelle's Message...

Well, we made it through the first full week! I am writing this the night of Open House, a very long day, but I feel very proud as I reflect on our school, our teachers, our students, and our day overall. Mr. Moore and I received many compliments about what a caring and engaging staff we have at South! (But we already knew that.) Parents left reassured that their children were in a safe and caring place during the school day and that we want their children to be successful.

We must have a place where children can have a whole group of adults they can trust.

                Margaret Mead, Anthropologist

I am concerned about our low turnout for 6th grade camp orientation, but the lack of attendance can be attributed to a host of reasons. Attendance picked up around 7:00, but I think one of our goals is to look for new ways to reinvent our Open House that shows more parents the importance of attending…Char has an idea that she wants to share with her Parent and Community Involvement Team! (We are always open to new ideas and suggestions for improvement.)

There is more hunger for love and appreciation in this world than bread.

                                      Mother Theresa

Our building really looked inviting; I appreciate all of you who “adopted” a bulletin board! Chris and Cindy’s gold medal readers really showed how our kids shine! Kristine’s bulletin boards greeted our students and parents that passed by the sixth grade hall! Jeff’s PBS posters display the importance of consistency throughout the building. Our students’ purple flowers that Marylynn exhibited highlights our artists throughout the building. A welcoming and inviting building is critical when we are creating a positive culture and climate for our students!


  1. The bulletin boards are cool. Thanks!
    I ran into Maxine Smith whose daughter Angela Smith was at South before Kay Kurtz retired. Maxine loves South (She has also been a subs-titute here at South). She believes South and its staff is a "hidden gem". She still sings our praises all these years later. :)

  2. I agree, let's try to keep our gems not so "hidden!"