Friday, September 3, 2010

Summer "Should've Been Blogs" Part 1: Enjoy the Cruise

So many moments I thought about blogging this summer, why did I pass them up? Will I ever catch up? Will I simply do one huge blog right now when everything is on my mind? Let’s see?
One conversation happened before the seven teachers retired from our building has been on my mind ever since…She told me not to tell anyone her idea until she was gone because she did not want to be considered “sucking up to the principal or creating one more thing on thing on their plate” Wow, how I have struggled with this conversation, if teachers feel like they should keep great ideas a secret how are we ever to improve our entire school? Anyway, very bothered by this philosophy, how many teachers really feel this way? Are we not in this together? We all go down with the ship or we all enjoy the cruise!



  1. Isn't technology a paradox? All this easy access and yet you (and I) both fell short of personal goals to post more to our blogs. Perhaps we need support from colleagues to remind us when we have powerful conversations that those moments are springboards to blog entries? What do you think? If I hear something you say that would be good for your blog, I will let you know. If you hear something I say that would be good for my blog, you will let me know. Is it a deal?

  2. I really hate it when people hold back their thoughts and ideas for what I consider foolish reasons. We are all building a learning community that must rely on each other to be stronger. I enjoy discussing both positive and negative things with both of my administrators, and I am constantly encouraging others to speak with you too. I really loved that the first section of the student handbook covered honesty. Being honest with those around us builds trust and strengthens bonds of familiarity and respect. I can't envision working at a school where I am not trusted or where I am afraid to voice my opinion. That's why I love South! I've always felt welcome to have any conversation with my administrators.

  3. Andy, you have a deal! Pinky swear:-) I have lots of conversations in my head, and when I find time to share them a great deal of time may have passed and then it does not feel as pertinent. I tweeted the same feeling and mentioned that I hated not keeping up with my PLN at the beginning of the school year and a fellow PLN member responded "all good ideas will surface again" so, no worries, there is not a statute of limitations on good blog posts:-)

    Suzie Q, all I can say is "Amen, Sister!" I truly love our school, our staff, and the culture we have built together! Tough times, spectacular times, we are in this together! "We are Family!" Sister Sledge playing in the back ground...